Our Process

A one on one consultation with our coaches, to help us know what areas to focus on, when making our designs (visuals through photos, auditory through music and affirmations, etc.)

Submission of required documents (such as memorable photos, uplifting music, etc.) to be used by the VISION-VIDEO team for the creation and design of your personalized VISION-VIDEO. In a bid to make this process super simple, we have a number of stock photos you can choose from or supply your own images.
Mind-blowing creation of a personalized VISION-VIDEO by our design experts. Making use of your submitted documents as well as other uplifting and mind improving additions, for the purpose of achieving a desired mental and spiritually uplifting experience.

Once your VISION-VIDEO is complete, we will provide you with an mp4 file to access your personalized VISION-VIDEO anywhere, anytime after completion of its creation.
A commitment to devoting yourself in the experience provided by the created personalized VISION-VIDEO. It is highly recommended that it be the first thing that elevates you in the morning and the last positive encouragement you experience at night. If this instruction is carefully followed, you are assured of great change and transformation in your mental and spiritual life.