Who We Are?

Our Concept

Introducing VISION-VIDEOS, to those who desire to experience self-improvement, a path making possible the transformation of visual ideas into real visions via video creations. All in an effort to help you achieve mental and spiritual growth.

We have created a very personalized concept, with you working with a coach, to create your own VISION-VIDEO, utilizing sounds and images that evoke positive emotional feelings and responses.

Upon watching a VISION-VIDEO, you get to have a positive reprogramming of your subconscious mind (through a reduction in mental and emotional blocks), as well as immense strengthening of your health, finances, career and relationships.

About Susan

My 20-year career in Marketing & Design testifies to the fact that a huge part of my existence seems to have fallen in love with channeling my efforts towards and energy into extracurricular activities, such as project management, collaborations, and a variety of designing activities such as powerpoint, graphics, logo, flyer, brochure and newsletter designs.

The awesome feeling that comes with being knowledgeable of mind-body connection is what I feel every time I open my eyes to a new day. This unexplainable wonder energizes me into further and in-depth studies that cause my mental and spiritual growth.

I made it a habit to attend seminars, trainings, meditation lessons, yoga lessons and a lot more. At the moment, I’m bold enough to claim that I possess certified skills and knowledge in the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and The Law of Attraction.

It’s no little wonder how the little thoughts that pop in our heads go a long way in affecting and reprogramming the persons we are. Owing to my unwavering resilience, I have been on this path ever since and this period marks a decade of a strong display of my resilience, interest and desire to learn.
VISION-VIDEO is no doubt a vision come true.